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If you did not intentionally navigate to this page, you have probably been redirected to this page as you are not logged in as a ASI member (see below).

If you are logged in but can't access the Journal pages, your ASI membership is non-financial. Please update your membership by visiting the ASI Membership Payment page. If you require further assistance, please contact the ASI project manager here 

Logging in

If you know your ASI username/password please login here.

If you are unsure of your username/password please retrieve your ASI login details from the website in order to access ASI member functions. You can do this simply by entering your email address and clicking ‘Get New Password’ from the lost password page. You will be emailed your new ASI username and a password reset link (usually within minutes, but may take up to 24h). Please click the link in the email, enter the supplied username and choose a password. Keep a record of your username and password for future logins.

Please Note - if you have recently changed your email address, this may not be in the ASI member database and you will receive an error message. If so, please email the ASI project manager here for assistance.

Certain pages on this website, like ASI membership payment, ASI member benefits links and Journal links are for members only.

If you wish to become an ASI member click here.