Dr Ben Seddon


Reader in Immunology, Institute for Immunity and Transplantation,
University College London, Royal Free Hospital, London, NW3 2PF, United Kingdom.

Visit co-ordinated by Roslyn Kemp roslyn.kemp@otago.ac.nz


29 July Seminar and meetings at the Murdoch Institute, Perth (host: Phil Stumbles)

1 August Seminar and meetings at WEHI, Melbourne (host: Daniel Gray)

2 August Seminar and meetings at Monash University, Melbourne (host: Nicola La Gruta)

4-5 August Seminar and meetings at the University of Otago, Dunedin (host: Roslyn Kemp)


The focus of Dr Seddon's group is on understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate development and maintenance of mature T cells. He has a particular interested in how developing T cells become fully functional and the mechanisms controlling survival and proliferation once full maturity has been attained.

Dr Seddon's group uses mouse genetics to dissect the signalling pathways and molecular mechanisms regulating T cell development and homeostasis. To gain systems level understanding of complex cellular behaviours of the immune system, they develop mathematical models of key immunological processes that test our understanding, provide novel insights into systems function and generate new hypotheses.