The ASI Visiting Speaker Program (VSP)

Participation in the ASI Visiting Speaker Program (VSP) is a key benefit of being an ASI member.  It provides all current ASI members with the opportunity to invite prominent international speakers to visit their location by touring around Australia and New Zealand.

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ASI Visiting Speaker Program Coordinator

Name:  Stuart Mannering
Position:  Head, Human T-cell Laboratory
Address/affiliation:  St. Vincent's Institute of Medical Research
Email address:

Upcoming speakers for 2018

Prof Arne Akbar

Visits co-ordinated by Kylie Quinn
Aug 2018: Visiting NZ, VIC/TAS, WA

Prof Uri Hershberg

Visits co-ordinated by Kim Jacobson
Sep 2018: Visiting WA, VIC/TAS, NSW, NZ

Prof Joel Ernst

Visits co-ordinated by Antje Blumenthal
Oct 2018: Visiting NSW, NZ, QLD, VIC/TAS

Bob Seder

Visits co-ordinated by Ian Cockburn
Date TBC: Visits TBC

Donna Farber

Visits co-ordinated by David Tarlinton
Date TBC: Visits TBC

Paul Kubes

Visits co-ordinated by Tonia Woodberry
Date TBC: Visits TBC