Nominations are called for positions on ASI council 2018

Dear ASI Members,

Nominations are called for the following honorary positions on ASI council, commencing at the Annual General Meeting in Brisbane in November. Please complete the nomination form and return to me by 5pm Friday 20th October 2017, including a 200 word biography.

The following positions are open for nominations;

Vice President/President – This position is a 4 year term, 2018-2021, consisting of Vice President in 2018, President in 2019/20, Past President in 2021.

Deputy Treasurer/ Treasurer – administers ASI finances, including financial reporting and membership of the ASI Executive Committee (includes ASI President, Vice or Past President and Honorary Secretary), which deals with the day to day running of the Society. Please note that the new Treasurer will serve as Deputy Treasurer for 2018 and Treasurer from 2019-2021, with the current Treasurer providing training and instruction to the successful nominee throughout 2018 to allow a straightforward transition into the new role. Total term 2018-2021

Branch/regional representatives for NSW – represent NSW members on Council, organise local branch activities, financial reporting to treasurer (2018-2020)

Newsletter Editor – prepare and compile articles for ASI's quarterly newsletter (2018-2020)

Coordinator of ASI Visiting Speaker Program – administer the ASI Visiting Speaker Program (2018- 2020)

If more than one nomination is received for any position a ballot will be held. Please note that current position holders may renominate.

For national positions (Vice President, Newsletter editor, VSP co-ordinator and Deputy Treasurer) the ballot will involve all members. For branch/regional representatives, the ballot will be organised centrally but involve only members from the particular state, region or country (NSW). If only one nomination is received the nominee will be declared elected unopposed.

For those who are interested in nominating but would like further information on what the position would entail including responsibilities and workload, please contact the following;

ASI President - Susanne Heinzel

ASI Treasurer - Kim Jacobson

ASI Newsletter editor – Joanna Roberts

Visiting Speaker Program co-ordinator – Jo Kirman

NSW branch representative – Dr Mainthan Palendira

Please see the ASI constitution for more details about the regulations of ASI and more detail on how council and branches operate.

If you have any queries about the ballot process please contact me.

Dr Elissa Deenick
Honorary Secretary, Australasian Society for Immunology.

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