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ASI membership renewal issues

As you may well know, we are experiencing technical difficulties which are affecting ASI membership renewals and the progression of new ASI memberships through the website among other things.

The website was temporarily offline from 21st-22nd July. The repaired website hasn't been able to take payments for memberships since 21st July. Thank you to all whom have been in touch to let me know about the "White screen of Death" and errors on the payment pages.

While this has been a disappointing experience all around, please don't be worried about the current lack of access to user profiles... it will be restored. If you have tried to make a membership payment between July 21st and August 1st, I have your email and I will be retrospecively setting your payment date to August 1st 2017.

The ASI 2017 Meeting

If you are coming along to ASI 2017 in Brisbane and haven't already renewed for 2017, you have nothing to fear! Please continue your registration as an ASI member and we will get to the renewals before the meeting.

New Members of ASI

If you know someone who has been looking to join and hasn't been able to do so, I have these records also. I encourage these new members to get in touch via email ( and I will send them a registration link as soon as we are live again.

Renewals... What's next?

Later today there will be a temporary payment page set up on the ASI website for all current ASI members to make renewal payments. Keep an eye on this link and follow the steps to renew for 2017 

All the best,

Sarah Fardy
ASI Project Manager

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