Professor Daniel Altmann

Altmann photo


Imperial College

London, UK

Hosted by Natkunam Ketheesan, James Cook University, Townsville

April/May 2015

Prof. Altman has confirmed he will visit Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville.


Professor Daniel Altmann heads the Human Disease Immunogenetics Group at the Hammersmith Campus, Imperial College. Key research interests are the immunology of autoimmune diseases and of bacterial infections. His work is centred on the use of molecular and cellular immunology approaches to investigate interactions between HLA class II molecules, antigenic peptides, CD4 T cells and NK cells in disease.

Multiple sclerosis has been a particular focus of interest within the Altmann lab. Working with the UK MS Tissue Bank they have gained a better understanding of patient T cell responses to myelin epitopes, HLA-C/KIR genotypes and the relationship of these to disease. They have also generated 'humanised,' spontaneous models of MS, which serve better to bridge the translational gap between findings in the EAE model and the clinical disease setting. Their work on MS is support by the Wellcome Trust, BBSRC and MS Society.

A second area of research addresses issues of T cell immune responses to bacterial infection. The group has been a recipient of an NIH-NIAID multi-million dollar research grant to define and characterise immune epitopes from anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) and plague (Yersinia pestis).  The project is part of an international endeavour to define microbial epitopes for the Immune Epitope Database ( Through another NIH-NIAID-funded research programme, his group is currently mapping the CD4 and CD8 T cell epitopes of Burkholderia pseudomallei as part of an international consortium. Current research funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) also focuses on molecular analysis of toxic shock and on regulatory T cell control of acute infection.   


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