Professor Frederic Geissmann


King’s College, London, UK

Prof. Geissmann will visit Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Sidney.

Details to be finalised.

Hosted by Gabrielle Belz, WEHI



Professor Frederic Geissmann gained a medical degree in clinical haematology in 1996 and a PhD in Immunology in 1999, both from the University of Paris (France), and was a Post-doctoral Fellow of Dr Dan Littman in New York from 2000 to 2003. Work of his laboratory aims at understanding the development and physiological functions of monocyte/macrophages in vivo. His approach is to combine developmental studies, lineage tracing, genetics, and intra-vital microscopy to characterize the laws' that govern the development and maintenance of phagocytes and interaction with specialized tissue cells, within living organisms in mice and –more recently- in Drosophila.

Frederic Geissmann has made several seminal contributions in this field. He identified and described the 2 main functional subsets of monocytes in mice (inflammatory and patrolling) and their human counterparts (Geissmann, Jung & Littman Immunity 2003, Auffray et al Science 2007, Cros et al Immunity 2010, Carlin, Stamatiades et al Cell 2013), identified a common clonogenic progenitor for monocyte/macrophages and classical dendritic cells (Fogg et al Science 2006), and more recently characterised an embryonic progenitor independent of Myb and hematopoietic stem cells for adult resident macrophages such as Kupffer cells, Langerhans cells, microglia, etc.  (Schulz et al Science2012; Gomez Perdiguero et al. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 2013; Gomez Perdiguero et al., In preparation). Frederic Geissmann was the recipient of a number of prestigious awards, including the European Young Investigator (Euryi) award, the European Research Council Investigator award and the Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator award. He is currently Professor, ARUK chair of Inflammation biology, and director the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology of Inflammation Biology, at King's College London, UK.

Selected Key Papers

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