Vaccination Information

Things to know before being vaccinated

Vaccin8@work will provide all vaccinations to attendees of the Vaccination Cafe, Melbourne. The Seasonal influenza vaccinations will be provided free of charge at the Vaccination Café and is available to persons 16 years and over.


Who should be vaccinated?


The influenza vaccine is updated each year to reflect virus strains circulating around the world in the last 12 months. The vaccine used at this Vaccination Cafe is a quadrivalent influenza vaccine, which covers the four most common seasonal influenza viruses. The Immunisation Coalition strongly supports annual vaccination of all those at risk of complications from influenza and of anyone over 6 months of age wishing to avoid infection.

People who are at risk when contracting influenza are:

Older adults (65+)
Indigenous Australians (6 months to <5 years and 15+)
Pregnant women
People aged 6 months and over with medical conditions that can lead to complications from influenza (such as severe asthma, lung or heart disease, chronic neurological disease, renal and metabolic disease, and impaired immunity).
Note: A new vaccine Fluad® and Fluzone High Dose® – will be available specifically for increased protection for people aged 65 years and older. For the Department of Health statement click here.

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 Adverse events and precautions


The influenza vaccine is generally well tolerated but we ask you to stay at the Vaccination Café for 15 minutes – so we can keep an eye on you for the first few minutes after your vaccination.

Like all medicines, the vaccine may have some side effects. Occasional discomfort, redness and swelling at the injection area are common, but usually settle within a couple of days. A slight fever, muscle pain or generally feeling unwell occurs infrequently within a few hours of vaccination and may last 1-2 days. These fever-like symptoms do not mean that you have the flu or whooping. They are most likely to be your body’s natural response to the vaccine.

If you have any questions please talk to the nurse immunizers at the time of vaccination or contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

On the day of vaccination

Please wear loose-fitting or sleeveless clothing that allows easy access to your upper arm. If you have booked, please arrive early to your appointment to help the nurse stay on schedule. After your vaccination, please wait for 15 minutes at the Vaccination Café, in case of an adverse reaction. A complimentary coffee will be available while you learn more about your amazing immune system.

Further information

Australian Government Department of Health and Aging: Questions and Answers for Influenza (flu) Vaccination
Department of Health, Victoria: Immunisation
2016 Influenza consumer fact sheet immunise Australia
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