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The ASI Female Speaker Database is a resource to enhance the representation of female immunologists as speakers at conferences, presenters of seminars, participants on review panels, and on editorial boards. Immunologists can be viewed based on discipline, experience and location.

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We have created a searchable database of female immunologists suitable for chairing sessions or speaking at conferences. This database will be accessible to all visitors to the main ASI website and promoted on the IUIS website. If you are female, and wish to be included in this database, please fill in the form below or click here to download the form and return to Vanessa Bryant bryant.v@wehi.edu.au.


Look for a female immunologist by research area. Simply click your field of interest below and you will find a list of registered experts.

Adaptive Immunity  Host Pathogen Interactions  Immune Mediated Disease and Pathology  Innate Immunity  Immune Receptors and Signalling  Translational Immunology and Immune Interventions

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Categories: Host Pathogen Interactions, Immune Mediated Disease and Pathology, Immune Receptors and Signalling, Innate Immunity