Women’s Initiative Resources

Many people tasked with improving gender equity struggle to find practical resources to help them achieve their goals. The resources presented here represent initiatives used in universities and research institutes to achieve gender equity in science and related careers.


The Women in Science AUSTRALIA website has a wealth of resources for public view. Please visit and explore the great work they are doing to promote women in science in Australia.


Other helpful links and website:

www.gograd.org has a wealth of resources to assist women in the pursuit of  higher education and gender equity in the workplace. Here you'll find a fantastic guide to Women and Masters Degrees.

Women interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines on the AC ONLINE website

  • Learn about education and career options in STEM fields
  • The guide is filled with various online and campus-based resources
    • A list of scholarships and grant opportunities exclusively for women in STEM
    • A list of the top careers for women in STEM
    • An interview with Dr. Wendi Heinzelman, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester. Crafting a guide of this depth would not have been possible without the insider information provided by Dr. Heinzelman and Molly Larkin, another prominent woman teaching and working in STEM. Their advice and guidance allowed us to really get at the heart of the challenges facing women in STEM and how best to overcome those challenges.