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Saturday February 27, 2021

🎁 Secret Santa gift

Dec 23 2021

Well done on spotting the hidden Secret Santa gift!  Though we have removed the green 'email us' button that originally appeared below as this gift has now been found.

Congratulations to Mainthan Palendira for spotting this 3 minutes after the December Monthly Bulletin was sent out, which included a little note about this Secret Santa gift at the very bottom of the Bulletin, with a hint that the gift was located somewhere on the ASI website (here).

Mainthan has won an:

  • ASI-branded glass coffee keep cup
  • ASI-branded 'Proud to be an Immunologist' pen
  • autographed copy of Peter Doherty’s book ‘Pandemics: What everyone needs to know'’.

Happy holiday season!

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