ASI-VSP Guidelines

The ASI-Visiting Speaker Program (VSP) 2015


1. Any member of the society can propose an invited speaker.

2. The VSP will cover up to A$3,500 per speaker for economy international and domestic airfares, transportation in their home country and travel insurance. Should expenses be higher, the hosting ASI branches will equally pay the shortage.

3. The hosting branch will cover all reasonable local accommodation, transport and food expenses of the speaker and will arrange in advance reasonable accommodation. If the speaker is traveling with family members the branch should agree the proportion of reimbursement and the type of accommodation with the speaker ahead of the visit. Each hosting branch is responsible for procuring funding for these expenses.

4. The invited speaker must visit at least 3 branches. However, if either of SA, WA, NT, or NZ is visited; a total of only 2 branches is required.

5. Only under special circumstances in which a speaker needs to stay more than 3 days at a branch, accommodation for up to A$150/night could be requested.

6. Speaker must take up offer within one year of approval.

7. Speaker must not have been supported in past 3 years as an ASI visitor.


Call for Nominations

1. A Call for Nominations will be announced biannually (mid-year and end of year). Any ASI member willing to host and coordinate the visit can submit a nomination.

2. The nominating ASI member submits a 500-word (or less) description of the contribution of the proposed speaker to the field, the value of the proposed speaker to the ASI membership and a short list of recent major publications.

3. The VSP coordinator distributes the nominations to all branch councilors. Councilors will discuss with their membership and submit a ranking of all nominated speakers that they wish to support. If sufficient branches (determined as per VSP guidelines) support the proposed speaker, the nomination is passed to the ASI Executive.

4. The Executive evaluates the nominations together and accepts up to 4 nominations in the first round, up to a total of 8 per year, based on membership support, gender equality and significance of the speaker.

5. Nominating members are advised of the outcome. If a speaker is not accepted in one Call for Nominations, they can be re-nominated in subsequent rounds.

6. Branch councilors are advised of the successful nominations and may use this opportunity to contact the nominating member to detail interest of the Branch in the speaker, but should not contact the speaker directly at this stage.

7. The successful nominating members are provided with an invitation letter from the VSP coordinator outlining the rules of the award and can invite the speaker and negotiate branches that will be visited and time frame for the visit (typically within 12 months).

8. The nominating member provides a list of the branches that the speaker has agreed to visit and itinerary outline to the VSP coordinator.  The VSP coordinator advises all branch councilors of the proposed itinerary and for hosting branches requests the contact details for a local ASI member host who will be responsible for coordinating the visit at a local level (accommodation, transport, seminar etc).  The local host will receive a detailed letter outlining their responsibilities.

9. Branch councilors will advertise the Visiting Speaker's seminar and visit to their membership.

10. The ASI should be appropriately acknowledged on all seminar advertisements and in the seminar itself. Logos and a PowerPoint slide will be provided.