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Systems Immunology: SITQA - An overview

The development of a raft of “-omics” technologies and new approaches for analysis of individual cells has opened up superb research opportunities in immunology. High-throughput technologies for immune profiling have also revolutionised the characterisation of human immune states and responses in infectious diseases, cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune and allergic diseases, vaccination, and immunotherapies. However, it remains challenging how to efficiently utilise new technologies in basic research and clinical translation. One major bottleneck is the need for new computational approaches for data analysis. New partnerships between immunologists and technical specialists, bioinformaticians, statisticians and clinicians are required. The SIG on Systems Immunology: Technology, Quantification and Application (SITQA) would provide a network and events to facilitate those partnerships.

2022 Systems Immunology Hackathon | 13-14th September 2022

A Joint ASI – OzSingleCell “Grand Challenge” Workshop

High Dimensional Data Analysis Homeshow | 17th-21st August 2020

In partnership with ASI, the Australasian Cytometry Society hosted their 2020 Homeshow in August 2020.

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