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ASI Newsletter

ASI Inc publishes a Quarterly Newsletter which includes:

-All the latest ASI news
-Invitations to apply for awards, bursaries and opportunities
-News from around Australia and New Zealand on issues of concern to the scientific and medical research community.

Current ASI Members are eligible to receive a cash prize for their original, written, editorial-style contributions, at the discretion of the Newsletter Editor. Click here to find out more.

Sustaining members will be offered free advertising space in each issue (1/4 of a page) and will be able, at the discretion of the Editor, to insert flyers in each issue at cost price. Sustaining Members can also showcase their latest achievements or publications. Click here to ask us about formatting requirements.

Companies who are not current Sustaining Members also have advertising opportunities available to them - simply contact us to find out more or click here to view our rates.

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Name: Angelica Lau
Position: ASI Newsletter Editor
Email address: [email protected]