Axel Kallies Peter Doherty Institute, Victoria Chairperson
Kate Lawlor  Hudson Institute, Victoria Co-Chairperson
Ajithkumar Vasanthakumar  Peter Doherty Institute, Victoria

SIG Co-ordinator,
VIC/TAS representative

Matthew Sweet  University of Queensland, Queensland QLD representative
Kate Quinlan  UNSW Sydney, New South Wales NSW/ACT representative
Andrew Murphy  Baker Heart Institute, Victoria Advisory committee member
Katrina Binger  Latrobe University, Victoria
Advisory committee member
David Simar  UNSW Sydney, New South Wales Advisory committee member

Immunometabolism - An overview

Immunometabolism is an emerging and exciting field that investigates the interaction between metabolic and immunological processes. This field has seen tremendous progress in the last decade with major breakthroughs that revealed metabolic links to lymphocyte activation and differentiation and cell fate decisions. These findings have set new paradigms in the field of immunology, and harnessing ‘metabolic checkpoints’ is speculated to be at the centre of future immunotherapies. In addition to immune cell intrinsic metabolic processes, metabolites derived from gut microbiome shape the immune cell landscape, highlighting the link between diet, microbiome and immunity. Immune cells themselves on the other hand play a key role in regulating organismal metabolism. Given the breadth of this dynamic field and its exponential growth, synergy between research groups is crucial to advance immunometabolism research in Australasia. The vision of this special interest group (SIG) is to provide a platform for researchers interested in immunometabolism to share their expertise and resources to accelerate research in this area and integrate with mainstream Australian-New Zealand immunology community.

Major goals of this SIG are:

1. Bridging the gap between specialized research groups in the fields of immunology, physiology and metabolism

2. Creating opportunities for collaboration between research groups and researchers interested in immunometabolism

3. Facilitating dissemination of expertise, reagents, techniques and mice

4. Contributing to broader immunology research in Australia and New Zealand

5. Creating opportunities for immunometabolism researchers to present their work.

2nd Melbourne Immunometabolism symposium (virtual)

Presented by the ASI Immunometabolism SIG and the Melbourne Immunometabolism group

1st & 2nd September 2020

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