New South Wales Branch

Branch Councillor

Name: Felix Marsh-Wakefield
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher
Affiliation: Centenary Institute and University of Sydney
Email: [email protected]

NSW Committee members

Name Role Institution  
Felix Marsh-Wakefield NSW Councillor Centenary Institute: University of Sydney (CPC Camperdown)  
Angelica Lau   Children's Cancer Institute  
Helen McGuire   Centenary Institute; University of Sydney (CPC Camperdown)  
Scott Byrne   University of Sydney (CPC Camperdown & Westmead)  
Bernadette Saunders   UTS  
Fabio Luciani   UNSW  
Elissa Deenick   Garvan Institute of Medical Research  
Joanne Reed   >Westmead Institute of Medical Research  
Pablo Silveira   ANZAC Institute  
Ron Sluyter   University of Wollongong  
Debbie Watson   University of Wollongong  
Phil Hansbro   UTS  
Stuart Tangye   Garvan Institute of Medical Research   
Min Hu   University of Sydney (Westmead)  
Kirstie Bertram   University of Sydney (Westmead)  
Mainthan Palendira   University of Sydney (CPC Camperdown)  
Andrew Harman   Westmead Institute of Medical Research    
Natkunam Ketheesan   University of New England    
Miles Davenport   Kirby Institute    

Branch Meeting

2023 NSW ACT Joint Branch Meeting
7-8 September 2023
Peppers Craigieburn, Bowral, NSW

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