Stromal Immunology


Stromal Immunology


State Representatives

NSW: Dr Kazu Kikuchi, A/Prof. David Bowen 
NZ: Prof. Rod Dunbar
QLD: A/Prof. Jean-Pierre Levesque 
SA: Cameron Bastow 
VIC/TAS: A/Prof. Anne Fletcher and Prof. Scott Mueller
WA: Prof. Ruth Ganss

Stromal Immunology – An overview

Stromal Immunology encompasses the study of organ and tissue microenvironments in contributing to immune responses. Collectively it covers research in lymphoid tissues, liver, mucosal, tumor, skin, vascular and adipose immunology, as well as neuroimmunology, the study of mesenchymal stem cells, stromal cell therapy and regenerative medicine. The study of stromal cells for the purposes of understanding how tissue microenvironments impact on immune responses and disease outcomes is a burgeoning field. The overall Vision of the Stromal Immunology special interest group (SIG) is to provide a forum for researchers interested in stromal cells and related areas to pool knowledge and resources and increase recognition for this field of work amongst immunologists and the public.


  1. To establish Stromal Immunology as a key area of immunological research in Australasia;
  2. To facilitate the dissemination of knowledge, relevant tools, techniques, mice, and samples;
  3. To create opportunities for stromal immunologists to meet and present work;
  4. To become a robust contributor to the Australasian immunological landscape


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