Women’s Initiative Awards


ASI Women’s Initiative Awards

To enhance career opportunities for women in immunology

Travel Awards

ASI recognises that member attendance at the Annual Scientific Meeting may require them to be away from their home base. ASI members who are care-givers need to make alternative arrangements on these occasions, and may incur additional costs. The Women’s Initiative Travel Awards provide financial assistance such that women who have carer responsibilities are not deterred from, or penalised for, participation at the Annual Scientific Meetings and professional development. 

ASI are offering 4 Travel Awards (up to AUD1000 each) to facilitate the attendance of our Annual Scientific Meeting by women with parental responsibilities. This will allow recipients to attend and present their research at the Annual Scientific Meeting by contributing to childcare costs while the recipient is attending the conference. The funds can be used in whatever way is best for the recipient’s personal circumstances, for example, to fund a companion to attend the conference or fund additional days of formal childcare while they are away from home, but cannot be used to fund normal care costs. We intend for this award to assist talented ASI researchers to disseminate their findings and build career connections at a conference they might have otherwise found difficult to attend.

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Margaret Baird Women in Immunology Award

Margaret Baird was a New Zealand immunologist who passed away in 2016. Margaret was known for her work on dendritic cells, but also as a mentor and supporter of women in science. She prepared multiple reports and analyses on the status of women in academia and in science and was a role model for several generations of postgraduate students. Margaret’s door was always open and her distinctive laugh lives long in the halls of the University of Otago. Margaret was an active member of ASI and was awarded the Derek Rowley Medal in 2013 for her service to the society.

The Margaret Baird Women in Immunology Award is an annual visiting lectureship award in honour of Margaret. It aims to provide an early-mid career immunologist (and ASI member) a career opportunity in teaching. The lectureship would involve a series of guest lectures across New Zealand and Australia, focused on the applicants research, but also including perspectives on equity and balance in science careers. While not limited to female applicants, all applicants would need to demonstrate a leadership role in supporting and mentoring women in immunology.

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