Day of Immunology


Day of Immunology

Celebrate your amazing immune system on the 29 April by attending events around Australia and New Zealand.

Established in 2005 by the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS), the success of Day of Immunology led to it being celebrated worldwide since 2007. Under the auspices of ASI, Day of Immunology has been celebrated in Australia since 2009.

Day of Immunology 2022

What's on for 2022?

Day of Immunology 2021

Day of Immunology 2020

When? Where? What? Details
19th April 2020 Radio / On demand
Einstein A Go-Go
Lisa Mielke, Colby Zaph, &
Nicola Harris
Listen now
26th April 2020 Radio / On demand
Einstein A Go-Go
Menno Van Zelm Listen now
3rd May 2020 Online / Perth, WA Online Public Forum Watch now
7th May 2020 Online / TAS Science in the Pub  
15th May 2020 Online / Melbourne, VIC Online Public Forum Watch now
Ongoing Online Immunology & Cell Biology
Watch now


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ASI day of immunology COORDINATOR

Name: Caleb Dawson
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher
Affiliation: WEHI

[email protected]

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