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Public Lectures and Forums

Open to everyone, there's never been a better time to learn more about Immunology

Western Australia – Celebrating the Day of Immunology

To celebrate the International Day of Immunology 2024 in Western Australia, we have put together some fun activities to help you learn about the immune system. The event is free of charge and open to the general public. Come along and join in the fun, while learning all about your incredible immune system, alongside our awesome immunologists. 

4th May 2024
9am - 3pm AWST

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Victoria – Public Forum: VIP ACCESS – Immunity in our Vital Organs

Learn more about how certain parts in the body – the heart, the eye, the uterus/fetal sites – keep their immunity in check at the FREE Day of Immunology Public Lecture 2024!  Come along to hear how important sites like the brain, heart, eyes are constantly protected against threats of the world, even from birth! 

29th April 2024
6 - 8.30pm (please arrive at 5.45pm) 

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Queensland – Public Forum: Immune Disorders

Join us for a family friendly Immunology Talk Show! Hear members of the public talk about their immune disorders and their journey from first symptoms to diagnosis and treatment. Clinicians and researchers will talk about aspects of patient care such as diagnosis, treatment, immunology and drug discovery.

28th April 2024
9:30am AEST

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New South Wales - University of Sydney Seminar and Poster Session

Join our catered poster session followed by talks from two Charles Perkins Centre group leaders, Associate Professor Inês Pires Da Silva and Professor Jamie Triccas. The seminars will cover the topic of “From Bench to Bedside and Beyond”.

29th April 2024
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Day of Immunology 2021

Keen to learn more about Immunology?

We are growing our collection of short, 2 minute videos that explain some key concepts about your immune system. These are free to access and available on demand.

Visit our Immunology Concepts page

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