Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to joining ASI, including:

  • Being a part of the Australasian Immunology community; opportunities to network and form new collaborations
  • Opportunities to make a contribution to ASI and help shape the future of Immunology in our region
  • Joining a Special Interest Group in a particular subject area
  • Funding opportunities to travel nationally and internationally, offset childcare costs, take sabbatical leave, and more
  • Funding opportunities to attend our biggest event of the year; the ASI Annual Meeting
  • Discounted registration costs for the ASI Annual Meeting
  • Discounted registration costs for Branch Meetings and other ASI events
  • Eligibility for ICB and CTI 'Publication of the Year' Awards, which include a speakers slot at the ASI Annual Meeting*
  • Eligibility for awards and prizes throughout the year, including at Branch Meetings
  • Eligibility for a diverse range of Annual Meeting awards; New Investigator, Science Communication and Poster Awards
  • Eligibility to be an Invited Speaker at ASI meetings and others
  • Online access to the Quarterly ASI Newsletter and Monthly Bulletins
  • Participation in the ASI International Visiting Speaker Program; nominate an international Immunologist whom you would like ASI to sponsor for a visit to Australia and New Zealand
  • Participation in the ASI Women’s Initiative to support female scientists; be registered on our publicly-available Speaker Database, be included in our Mentor-Mentee Program, be eligible for funding opportunities to offset the costs of primary carer responsibilities when attending the ASI Annual Meeting
  • Advertise your lab's vacant position on the ASI website for free
  • Access to ASI Digital Resources NEW in 2020
  • Access to the ASI Special Initiatives Fund - moving ASI into the future NEW
  • Access to special offers from our Sustaining Members
  • Access to ASI journals; Immunology & Cell Biology, and Clinical & Translational Immunology (open access).

*Awarded to the best publication from a current financial ASI member who is first author

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Step 1: Register your contact and payment details here.

You'll need the email addresses of 2 Nominators who are current ASI members and able to support your membership application.

🚩 Please make sure you:

  • use their ASI-registered email address (as using a different one will delay your application).
  • have asked them if they are current members (if they are not, this will further delay your application).

Your 2 Nominators will be contacted for approval - all they have to do head into their member profile and click 'Yes' to endorse your membership application. If they are not current members, we'll ask them to renew their membership so they can approve yours.  If they choose not to renew, they're prompted to let us know and you'll have the option of finding another Nominator to expedite your membership application.

When your application is finalised you will receive email confirmation.

ℹ️ See the 2 options below for how the time of joining affects your membership and the conditions you may wish to consider.

Option 1- Join at any time of the year

Join at any time of the year and pay the full (Ordinary or Student) membership fee.

  • This grants full membership for the year of joining.
  • Entitles the member to reduced registration costs for the ASI Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • This allows eligibility to apply for ASI opportunities including ASI International Travel Awards (provided other eligibility criteria are met) if membership is renewed prior to the 1st April the following year. For e.g. Full membership is paid in 2018, renewal is made in 2019 prior to 1st April 2019, allows eligibility for International Travel Award applications in 2019.

Option 2- Join during July 1st -Dec 31st

Join in the second half of the year and pay for an Interim Membership (50% discount off Ordinary or Student Membership).

  • This grants membership for the remainder of the year from the time of application.
  • Entitles the member to reduced registration costs for the ASI Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • This does not allow eligibility to apply for ASI opportunities including International Travel Awards the following year.
  • This option is only available to new (first time) members joining in the second half of the year, not for those who have been a member at any time in the past.
  • To apply the 50% discount in the second half of the year, please select the 'Interim' option.

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