ASI Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership is awarded in recognition of
long and distinguished service to the international field of Immunology and/or to the ASI.

2016 Honorary Life Members and Derrick Rowley Medal Recipients.
From left to right: Ian Barr, Jennifer Rolland, Jose A. Villadangos, Andrew Lew, Dale Godfrey.
Photo credit: WEHI

Recipients of Honorary Life Membership of ASI are:

Name Year appointed
The Late Derrick Rowley 1981
The Late Ritchie Nairn 1983
The Late Neville Stanley 1983
Keven Turner 1983
The Late Gordon Ada 1988
The Late Ian Mackay 1988
Graham Mitchell 1990
Gustav Nossal 1990
Jacques Miller 1991
Ieva Kotlarski 1992
Bill Halliday 1992
Senga Whittingham 1992
The Late John Marbrook 1995
The Late David White 1996
Peter Doherty 1997
Rolf Zinkernagel 1997
The Late Kevin Lafferty 1999
Ian McKenzie 2003
Antony Basten 2007
Heddy Zola 2009
Carolyn Geczy 2010
Chris Parish 2011
The Late Geoff Shellam 2012
Christina Cheers 2014
Jose A. Villadangos 2016
Dale Godfrey 2016
Ian Barr 2016
Andrew Lew 2016
Jennifer Rolland 2016