Foundation Lectureship

The Foundation Lecture is the plenary presentation that marks the opening of our biggest event in the ASI calendar. 
Nominated by ASI Council, the Foundation Lecturer has made a major historical contribution to ASI and can share their experiences in shaping the early years of the society.

The Foundation Lecture is a highlight of the Annual Scientific Meeting each year.

2015 Prof. Jacques Miller  
2017 Prof. Graham Mitchell Where a good start in Immunology (and good mentors) can lead you
2018 Prof. Ken Shortman  
2019 Prof. Jonathan Sprent Cell-member exchange: From Ig on T cells to Immunotherapy
2022 Prof. Peter Doherty
Prof. Rolf Zinkernagel
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Doherty-Zinkernagel Nobel Prize
2023 A/Prof. Judith Greer  


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