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In recent years there has been an increased level of collaboration between clinical immunology research and clinical immunologists, perhaps best demonstrated in the field of primary immunodeficiency. We aim to grow these networks between clinical immunology researchers and practicing clinicians by leveraging our existing networks and collaborations of ASI members to promote clinical immunology research of ASI members amongst our clinical colleagues at meetings and stimulate collaboration between disciplines of clinical research.

Vision for Clinical Immunology SIG

The purpose of the Clinical Immunology SIG is to provide an avenue for clinical immunology researchers with a drive to bring their research ideas into the clinic, and to promote current disease-relevant immunology research of ASI members amongst clinical societies. The group aims to facilitate the sharing of resources, promote networking opportunities between clinical immunology-focused ASI members and lift the profile of clinical immunology within clinical societies to accelerate translation of research findings by better engaging clinical community in cutting edge immunology research.

Specific goals of the Clinical Immunology SIG include:

• Establish a series of satellite meetings at national clinical societies that showcase clinical immunology research in Australia
• Promote immunology research of ASI members in the clinical community
• Facilitate clinical immunology research among ASI members, sharing of resources and networks by connecting researchers with overlapping interests.
• Cross-communication between ASI and clinical societies; active engagement of clinical societies in immunology research via satellite meetings and inclusion.
• Promote sharing of resources and networking opportunities for ASI members engaged in clinical research
•  Connect immunologists with common and overlapping research interests and expertise
•  Promote clinical immunology research within ASI
• Facilitate collaboration and translation of research findings by better engaging clinical community in immunology research

Clinical Immunology SIG for ASI members

  • Provide a resource for members with the intention of establishing networks and collaborations with clinical immunology researchers and clinicians.
  •  Strengthen collaborative efforts between researchers in clinical immunology and basic immunology; may also offer a platform for those who would like to translate their research findings into clinical practice
  •  Raise profile of ASI members and research among clinical colleagues and societies via active engagement of clinical societies.

Past Events

2018 ASI Meeting Perth Workshop

PID Group - members

Vanessa Bryant                         WEHI, Vic   
Charlotte Slade WEHI, VIC
Cindy Ma Garvan Institute, NSW
Matthew Cook ANU, ACT
Stuart Tangye Garvan Institute, NSW
Elissa Deenick Garvan Institute, NSW
Menno van Zelm Burnet Institute, Monash University

Allergy Group - members

Michaela Lucas          UWA, WA
Mimi Tang MCRI, VIC
Susan Prescott UWA
Katie Allen MCRI
William Smith SA
Geoff Hill QIMR Berghofer
David Martino MCRI
Connie Katelaris Western Sydney University
Jim McCluskey University of Melbourne
Yogesh Jeelall Harry Perkins Institute
Amy Prosser Harry Perkins Institute
Christine Blundell Harry Perkins Institute

Autoinflammatory Group - members

Seth Masters WEHI, VIC
Fiona Moghaddas RMH, VIC
Mike Rogers Garvan Institute, NSW
Kate Schroder University of Queensland, QLD
Marcia Munoz Garvan Institute
Si Ming Man ANU, ACT
James Vince WEHI, VIC
Dominic De Nardo WEHI, VIC
Sophia Davidson WEHI, VIC

 Autoimmunity Group - members

Julia Ellyard JCSMR, ANU, ACT
Carola Vinuesa JCSMR, ANU, ACT
Eric Morand Monash University
Simon Jiang JCSMR, ANU, ACT
Joanna Groom WEHI, VIC
Edwin Hawkins WEHI, VIC
Aude Fahrer JCSMR, ANU, ACT

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