Get Involved


Get Involved

One of the major benefits to being an ASI member is being able to join a committee or a group email list to receive interest-based news.

Committees to join


ASI Council
All members are invited annually in August to nominate for a position on ASI Council.  This includes both Voting and Non-Voting Positions.

Join our Day of Immunology Committee. We welcome your skills and enthusiasm for engaging non-scientific audiences.

Interested in the markets? We welcome your expertise in investments. Please get in touch in to learn more about this opportunity.

Equity Diversity Inclusion
We lead the way on the EDI front so help us make even greater progress toward this strategic goal.


Email Lists to join


With 9 Special Interest Groups there's something for everyone!  Check out our SIGs and log in to your member profile to indicate your special interest. 

ASI Contributors
Keen to give back a little?
Let us know you'd like to help out by logging in to your member profile and checking the 'Contributor' box.

ASI Awards Judging Panel
We're constantly introducing new awards, which means we always need judges!
Express your interest by contacting us.

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