Tumour Immunology


Tumour Immunology

Dr. Lisa Ebert  (Chairperson)
Centre for Cancer Biology, SA
[email protected]

A/Prof Mainthan Palendira (Chairperson)
University of Sydney, NSW
[email protected]

Prof. Thomas Gebhardt
The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, VIC
[email protected]

Dr Kyohei Nakamura 
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, QLD
[email protected]

Dr. Jason Waithman
Telethon Kids Cancer Centre, WA
[email protected]

Dr. Rachael Zemek 
Telethon Kids Institute, WA
[email protected]

Dr Snehlata Kumari
The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute, QLD
[email protected]

Dr Kirsten Ward-Hartstonge
University of Otago
[email protected]

Tumour Immunology - An overview

Tumour Immunology encompasses the study of immune responses toward cancer cells, and the development of approaches to treat cancer using components of the immune system. It is an exciting field to be a part of right now! Although the ability of the immune system to recognise and eliminate cancer cells has been recognised for many decades, it is only recently that we have been able to use this knowledge to start effectively treating cancer.

Researchers in this field have diverse interests, including the study of innate and adaptive responses to cancer, elucidating mechanisms of immune resistance, development of novel cancer immunotherapies, and identification of personalised medicine strategies.


The main purpose of the Tumour Immunology SIG is to present the latest developing advances in both basic and applied tumour immunology, and to promote collaboration and spark new ideas within the field.

A Tumour Immunology workshop is organised each year which runs in conjunction with the ASI Annual Meeting. The workshop is usually held the day prior to the start of the main meeting, It generally attracts ~100 delegates each year and consists of a program of plenary talks plus short presentations selected from abstracts. The workshop is of interest to both fundamental and cancer immunologists, as well as clinician researchers. On occasion, the Tumour Immunology Workshop may be co-hosted with the Stromal Immunology Workshop, due to the overlapping interests of these two SIGs.

We may also organise additional events throughout the year focussed on Tumour Immunology. Stay tuned to this page for details, or head into the ‘Your Details’ section of your ASI member profile and select ‘Tumour Immunology’ as one of your special interests to become a member of the SIG and be kept up to date with our activities.

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