Women's Initiative Travel Awards


Women’s Initiative Travel Awards

Application round:
August 28th - September 25th 2023 for travel in December 2023


To facilitate women with parental responsibilities to attend either the ASI Annual Scientific Meeting or another conference. These awards are intended to support women who are the primary carer of one or more children of primary school age or younger, by contributing to the costs associated with childcare while the recipient is attending the conference. This award aims to assist talented ASI researchers to disseminate their findings and build career connections at a conference they might have otherwise found difficult to attend.

Funds may be used in any way that suits the recipient’s personal circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Travel and accommodation for children
  • Travel and accommodation for a companion to provide childcare
  • Employment of a carer while the care-giver is away
  • Before- or after-school care for children while the care-giver is away
  • Local formal childcare costs
  • Additional days of formal childcare at home while awardees are traveling

The award does not cover:

  • Normal formal childcare costs at home
  • Ordinary costs of the meeting such as travel expenses or conference registration


  • Applicants must be current ASI members
  • Applicants must be the primary carer of one or more dependent children of primary school age, or younger.
  • Applicants who have previously received an ASI Womens Initiative Travel Award are ineligible.

Application procedure:

  1. Click here to download the Women's Initiative Travel Award application form.
  2. Include a C.V. (1-3 pages) that outlines your employment history, key award, publication and conference track record, and other relevant activities (noting career disruptions where relevant)
  3. Combine the files into a single pdf and save your file as "LASTNAME 2022_WI Travel”.
  4. Log in to your member profile and click on 'Applications'. 

Your application must demonstrate your commitment to an academic health and medical research career, other contributions you have made to the health and medical research field (such as teaching and community engagement), and how the award will support your attendance at the proposed conference and the impact this conference would have on your career progression and/or research.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Quality of application and abstract
  • Likely professional benefits of the proposed travel, as judged by the Women’s Initiative Award subcommittee.

The committee reserves the right not to make an award.


4 Travel Awards will be awarded per annum, subject to funding availability.  Each award may be worth up to AUD 1000.

Successful recipients- how to claim your award:

Please log in to your member profile to submit your Newsletter contribution, receipts to support your claim, and to initiate the reimbursement process.

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