🎗️ ASI Public Event | DoI Discovery Tour at Menzies Institute


29 April 2022


Please arrive at 9.45am for 10am - 1:00pm (TAS)


Lecture Theatre 1, Menzies Institute for Medical Research


Dr Andy Flies
Dr Kirsten Fairfax




ASI VIC/TAS celebrates International Day of Immunology
🌏 "Discovery Tour at Menzies Institute for Medical Research"

🗓️ April 29th 2022 at 10am - 1pm (TAS)


Go behind the scenes of a leading medical research institute

As part of the Day of Immunology Victoria 2022, organised by the Australia and New Zealand Society for Immunology (ASI), the Menzies Institute for Medical Research is opening its doors to the public.

Discovery tours provide a unique opportunity for the community to find out more about medical research, see our state-of-the-art facilities, learn about our exciting discoveries and talk to passionate scientists about their research.

The Menzies Institute for Medical Research had its origins in a Menzies Foundation workshop entitled ‘Towards a Centre for Population Health Research', held in Hobart in 1987. Less than a year later the new centre was opened at the University of Tasmania on January 14, with a range of work extending from aetiological research to population-based intervention studies, and a strong focus on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in its early research program. The Founding Director was Professor Terry Dwyer.

The University of Tasmania established Menzies in 1988 with support from the Menzies Foundation and the Tasmanian Government. Its primary purpose was to address the health issues facing the Tasmanian community. It was initially known as the Menzies Centre for Population Health Research, then the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania, before becoming the Menzies Institute for Medical Research in November 2014.

From modest beginnings, Menzies quickly gained an international reputation for its innovative work into the link between babies' sleeping position and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). From this our research expanded, and population health and epidemiological research programs were developed. In 2006, we expanded our focus to include both clinical and basic science, to strengthen the quality of our research.

To support this growth, in 2010 and 2013 Menzies opened two state-of-the-art buildings, Medical Science 1 and 2 (MS1 and MS2). Together these form the University of Tasmania Medical Science Precinct, a facility that will help Tasmania to remain at the forefront of medical research, clinical translation and education well into the future.

Discovery Tour details:

  • Tours are free and run for approximately 3 hours. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for the temperature check booth.
  • As tour groups visit a working laboratory, closed toe shoes (preferably flat) must be worn for occupational health and safety reasons. Safety glasses will be provided.
  • The minimum age for discovery tour attendees is 18 years old. Tour participants must be fully vaccinated to be able to attend the event.
  • This event is wheelchair accessible.
  • Photography: participants are welcome to take photographs during the tour, but please frame working scientists outside of the photos unless permission is given.

📧  For more information, contact Dr Camila Espejo and Anuk Kruawan.

Getting to the Institute:

The Menzies Institute for Medical Research is located on the corner of Campbell Street and Liverpool Street. Please enter via the main entry facing Liverpool Street (see attached map for more details). Face masks must be worn inside the building and please proceed to the temperature checking station at the reception near the entry upon arrival.  Ticketed parking is available on-street and at surrounding car parking facilities.

Other ASI VIC/TAS Discovery tours and events:

Other Melbourne research institutes that are also offering tours as part of Day of Immunology in Victoria include:

  • Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash, Clayton
  • La Trobe Institute for Medical Science, Bundoora 
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne
  • The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Melbourne
  • The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne
  • University of Tasmania, Tasmania (this event listing)

We are also holding a public lecture at The Peter Doherty Institute on the 29th April 2022, 6-7pm.

For more information on Day of Immunology visit or follow us on twitter, facebook or instagram.

Organiser Description:

Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology - Day of Immunology

The purpose of the Day of Immunology is to strengthen public awareness of immunology as a basis for individual health and well-being.
Established in 2005 by the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS), the success of Day of Immunology led to it being celebrated worldwide since 2007. Under the auspices of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology (ASI) and other generous sponsors, Day of Immunology has been celebrated in Victoria since 2009.
For more information, please visit or click here to email us. 

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