Two Joan Krefft PhD scholarship top-ups ($15,000-year) available for 2 PhD projectsProject 1: A. Prof Patrick Bertolino & David Bowen – Liver Immunology Program Project 2: Prof Mark Gorrell - Liver Enzymes in Metabolism and Inflammation Program

Applications Close : 15 January 2020

Location : Camperdown, Sydney New South Wales

Two Joan Krefft PhD scholarship top-ups ($15,000/year) are available, Background: The liver hosts a range of tissue resident macrophages and lymphocytes ...

Product Manager – Immunoassay Instruments

Applications Close : 15 December 2019

Location : Victoria, Victoria

We’re looking for an instrument wizard    Are you talented in the use of scientific instruments and experimental biology methods? Do you have ...

A W MORROW Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Human Hepatocellar Carcinoma

Applications Close : 31 January 2020

Location : Sydney New South Wales

5-year A W MORROW Post-Doctoral Fellowship to study the Liver microenvironment of primary Human Hepatocellar Carcinoma (HCC) using cutting-edge tools ...

Students and Postdocs - Immunology of infectious diseases

Applications Close : 31 December 2019

Location : New York USA and Bellinzona, Switzerland

Looking for highly motivated Master’s/PhD Students and Postdoctoral candidates for studies of the immune response and immune memory to human ...