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Monday December 18, 2023

Many congratulations to the following people for receiving our prestigious ASI Awards and Special Honours.


Burnet Oration
David Tarlinton, Monash University

Foundation Lecturer
Judith Greer, University of Queensland


Breakthrough Immunology Awards
Dominic De Nardo, Monash University
Debbie Watson, University of Wollongong

Margaret Baird Women in Immunology Award
Alexandra Spencer, University of Newcastle

Jared Purton - ASI Awards
Jointly awarded to:
Oanh Nguyen, University of Melbourne
Anouk von Borstel, Monash University

ASI Women's Initiative Travel Awards
Kirsten Ward Hartstonge, University of Otago

Career Advancement Award - Jacques Miller
Gunasegaran Karupiah, Tasmanian School of Medicine, University of Tasmania

Career Advancement Award - Gordon Ada
Lauren Holz, Peter Doherty Institute
Carolien van de Dandt, The University of Melbourne
Roland Ruscher, AITHM, James Cook University
Sophie Valkenburg, The University of Melbourne

Career Advancement Award - Postdoctoral 
Etienne Masle-Farquhar, Garvan Institute
Heeva Baharlou, Westmead Institute for Medical Research
Oliver Skinner, Peter Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne
Joseph Yunis, University of Queensland
Maximilien Evrard, University of Melbourne
Kim Maree O'Sullivan, Monash University
Taylah Bennett, Monash University
Carmen Mathmann, The University of Queensland Frazer Institute
Natalia Sampaio, The University of Queensland Frazer Institute

Career Advancement Award - Postgraduate
Lelinh Duong, Curtin University
Leslie Dominguez Cadena, The University of Queensland Frazer Institute, Faculty of Medicine.
Haressh Sajiir, Mater Research - University of Queensland
Cameron Williams, Peter Doherty Institute
Alexandra Carey Hoppe, Kirby Institute
Alexandra Dvorscek, Monash University 
Isabelle Foo, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity
Abigail Grootveld, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Lelinh Duong, Curtin University
Haressh Sajiir, Mater Research - University of Queensland
Lennard Dalit, Walter and Eliza Hall Research Institute
Wuji Zhang, University of Melbourne

Inaugural ASI Global Outreach Award
Shoaib Anwaar, Frazer Institute, The University of Queensland
Prabhasha Jayasundara, University of Newcastle

ASI Advanced Immunology School Award for Outstanding Participation
Shivali Savita Chinni, RMIT
Elahe Minaei, University of Wollongong
Joyce Mugabushaka, SAHMRI
Griffith Perkins, University of Adelaide

Public Engagement Award
Carolien van de Sandt, The University of Melbourne, the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity

ASI Annual Scientific Meeting Carer's Grant
Ailin Lepletier, Griffith University

IUIS Special Travel Awards
Xiaoxiao Jia, Peter Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne 
Christopher Jara, Garvan Institute of Medical Research 
Kerrie Foyle, University of Adelaide
Raissa Fonseca, Peter Doherty Institute

πŸ† ASI Journal Awards 

Immunology & Cell Biology Chris and Bhama Parish Publication of the Year Award
Felix Marsh-Wakefield, University of Sydney

Clinical & Translational Immunology Publication of the Year Award
Samantha K. Davis, Doherty Institute

Clinical & Translational Immunology Social Impact Award
Ashley Mansell, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Immunology & Cell Biology Social Impact Award - Joint
Katherine KedzierskaUniversity of Melbourne
Martin Davey, University of Warwick, U.K.

Immunology & Cell Biology Social Impact Award - Joint
Eoin Cummins, University College Dublin, Ireland


ASI New Investigator Award Sponsored by Pfizer
Alexandra Dvorscek, Monash University

BD Science Communication Award​
Cynthia Turnbull, Australian National University

ASI Student Poster Awards
ASI Overall Poster Award: β€‹Calvin Xu
ASI Poster Award:​ Christian Deo Deguit
ICB Poster Award:​ Gemma Hartley
CTI Poster Award:​ Lewis Newland

Pharmaxis-ASI Poster Award 
Postdoctoral: Antoine Guerin

Graham Jackson Memorial Prize for Mucosal Immunology
Hannah Boswell

ASI Travel Bursaries - Postdoctoral

Md Jahangir Alam
Grace Attrill
Taylah Bennett
M. Zeeshan Chaudhry
Lina Daniel
Rama Dhenni
Lelinh Duong
Pablo Fernandez De Canete Nieto
Timothy Gottschalk
Antoine Guerin
Rachael Ireland
Sedigheh Jalali
Georgia Lenihan-Geels
Rukshan Ahamed Mohamed Rafeek

Angela Nguyen
Maria Nogueira de Menezes
Mariana Lizeth Orozco Morales
Amy Prosser
Michael Rice
Natalia Sampaio
Tom Schultz
Annabelle Small
Caroline Soliman
Erica Stewart
Praveena Thirunavukkarasu
Ben Wylie
Yu-Anne Yap
Clara Young

ASI Travel Bursaries - Postgraduate

Zahra Abbas
Lilith Allen
Ebony Blight
Clarissa Chakma
Jennifer Chen
Rory Costello
Christian Deo Deguit
Renae Denman
Eleanor Eddy
Amal El Hage
Cheng Xiang  Foo
Isabelle Foo
Bryan Gardam
Zhengyu Ge
Lara Glass
Elysha-Rose Grant
Bavani Gunasegaran
Jennifer Habel
Gemma Hartley
Kirsten Hicks
Daniel Howard
Liam Kealy
Anita Kral

Anuk Kruawan
Jesse Mulder
Ibraheem Nasir
Hannah Newnes
Evan Pappas
Ashlyn Pascoe
Jack Polmear
Jack Polmear
Vicky Mengfei Qin
Kate Shepherdson
Ariel Simpson
Chloe Sligar
Jessica Smith
Yee Chern Tee 
Daniel Thiele
Rajan Venkatraman
Breana Vitali
Naiqi Wang
Marina Yakou
Erica Yeo
Huiyang Yu
Wuji Zhang
Xiaoyue Zhang

πŸ† International Society Awards

Best Poster Award at IUIS 2023 – Sponsored by Immunology & Cell Biology
Clement Asante, University of Ghana

Best Poster Award at IUIS 2023 – Sponsored by Clinical & Translational Immunology
Paula Hahn, Karolinska Institute


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