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Wednesday April 22, 2020

The ASI Special Initiatives Fund

We recently launched the ASI Special Initiatives Fund - a unique opportunity where you can help us move ASI into the future and advance our discipline.

In 2017 we committed AUD 200 000 toward the Special Initiatives Fund, and invited ideas for novel initiatives from ASI members.

Today we invite ASI members to send in their novel ideas for the next Special Initiatives Funding Round.


New initiatives should be within the scope of the society and to the benefit of ASI membership.

Great examples of how the Special Initiatives Fund has been used are the:

If you have a ground-breaking idea on how to promote our discipline, support our members, and invest in our future, we'd love to hear from you.

For more info and how to apply, please visit the Special Initiatives Fund page.

ASI Special Initiatives Fund


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