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Monday September 24, 2018

Is there an Immunologist you would like to meet? There are two opportunities every year for ASI members to nominate international speakers to visit Australia and New Zealand, funded by ASI.

The second 2018 nomination round  is now open:
September 3rd - 28th 2018.

Please click here for more information.

Upcoming ASI Visiting Speakers:

  • Uri Hershberg | Sep 2018 | Visiting WA, VIC/TAS, NSW, NZ | Hosted by Kim Jacobson
  • Joel Ernst | Oct 2018 | Visiting NSW, NZ, QLD, VIC/TAS | Hosted by Antje Blumenthal
  • Bob Seder | Date TBC | Visits TBC | Hosted by Ian Cockburn
  • Donna Farber | Date TBC | Visits TBC | Hosted by David Tarlinton
  • Paul Kubes | Date TBC | Visits TBC | Hosted by Tonia Woodberry

For time and venue details, please look out for an email from your Branch Councillor.
Please also visit our ASI Visiting Speaker Program page

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