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Wednesday May 23, 2018

Did you know?

Eligibility for ASI International Travel Awards and some Annual Meeting Awards requires membership in the preceding year. So to be eligible for 2019 awards, this requires 2018 membership.

Be a good lab citizen! Forward this information on to your new lab member, and ensure your own membership is up-to-date so you can be listed as one of their Nominators.

Why join?

We offer a huge range of Membership Benefits. It’s a no-brainer really.
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How much does it cost?

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Interested in joining?

Click here to sign up now and reap the rewards straight away; receive member-discounted rates for 2018 Branch Meetings and our Annual Scientific Meeting, and be in the running for ICB and CTI 'Publication of the Year’ Awards, which also include a speakers slot at the Annual Scientific Meeting.*

All you need to do is register your details and find two current ASI members to support your application. It’s no problem if you have just one, simply let us know and we’ll help you out.

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