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Tuesday July 31, 2018

The Editorial Board of Clinical & Translational Immunology is looking for Guest Editors (especially Early and Mid Career scientists).

Guest Editors will be responsible for coordinating theme-specific Special Features of Clinical & Translational Immunology for 2018-19 which can include primary research papers and/or comprehensive reviews. If you are interested in acting as Guest Editor, please email the Clinical & Translational Immunology Editorial Office ([email protected]) with the potential title of the theme and a list of potential contributors to this Special Feature by October 1st 2018. In addition, please include brief CVs (no more than two pages) of the proposed Guest Editor(s).

Here are some suggestions for potential themes for Special Features. We welcome other suggestions as well.

  • Immune regulation in Transplantation
  • Innate immune system in cancer and infection
  • Immunity and metabolism
  • Ageing and immune regulation
  • Cancer microenvironment and immunotherapy
  • Advances in immunotherapy and vaccine development
  • Neoantigen discovery and targeting in cancer
  • Immune monitoring in clinical settings
  • T cell exhaustion in cancer and infection

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Kind regards,

Rajiv Khanna, Editor-in-Chief
Gabrielle Belz, Deputy Editor
Adrian Liston, Deputy Editor
Stuart Tangye, Deputy Editor

Michaela Lucas, Deputy Editor
Lisa Ng, Deputy Editor

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