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Monday September 09, 2019

Please join us in congratulating ASI Honorary Life Member Jacques Miller for receiving the 2019 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award.


Professor Jacques Miller is a joint winner with Professor Max Cooper of Emory University, US and they received this prestigious honour for their discovery of B and T cells more than 50 years. This discovery was ground breaking and formed the fundamental pillar of our understanding of the adaptive immune system.

It's moments like this when we are reminded of the amazing contribution of Australasian immunologists, and that it's a wonderful time to be an immunologist.

We are immensely proud of Jacques and his achievements.

In 1991 we awarded Jacques Miller an ASI Honorary Life Membership and named a Senior Travel Award in his honour. Our ASI Miller Senior Travel Award is offered every year and remains one of our most coveted and competitive prizes.

Click here to read more about the 2019 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award.

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