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Tuesday June 23, 2020

It's a little known fact - that we offer AUD 200 cash prizes for written / editorial-style contributions to our Quarterly Newsletters*.
This is another benefit you have as an ASI member so be sure to keep your membership up-to-date.
Renew now if you haven't already, because our deadline is June 30.  
Email our ASI Newsletter Editor, on [email protected] with a brief (1-2 sentence) description of your proposed editorial contribution to find out if your idea is a good fit for the next issue (before you write).
We welcome your creativity! Here are some suggestions:
Feeling inspired by someone you know? Maybe there is someone that doesn't get the recognition they deserve
  • Is there an ASI member you'd like to shine a spotlight on because they go above and beyond?
Feeling contemplative? How about a story about life during a pandemic...
  • How has the pandemic affected you as an immunologist in the clinical and research space?
  • What global changes do you hope for as a result of the pandemic?
  • What contribution have you or has your lab made to COVID-19 research? 

Mixed feelings about the upcoming school holidays?  As a parent, let us know how about your day job + your night job.

  • Life as a parent in the lab - share your story, seeking angles from all stages during the science career
  • How do you train a mini scientist? Do your kids love science because of you? Share your stories and show us pictures. 

Feeling technical?

  • Are you an innovator? Perhaps you're a developer of novel techniques and cutting-edge technology? 
  • The future and power of single cell data - perhaps you can review the current single cell platforms
  • The era of big data - how to effectively design, produce and extrapolate

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*At the discretion of our Newsletter Editor

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