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Tuesday March 09, 2021

We welcome our new ASI Sustaining Member: Cayman Chemical


Our ASI Sustaining Members recognise the importance of supporting ASI and Immunology researchers in Australia and New Zealand. 

We are grateful and proud to introduce our newest ASI Sustaining Member: Cayman Chemical.

Helping Make Research Possible

Cayman Chemical is a global provider of life science products and services
to advance biomedical research and enable new therapies.

Specializing in chemical synthesis, assay and antibody development, and preclinical drug discovery, Cayman creates and supplies small molecules, assay kits, antibodies, and proteins of exceptional quality for basic research and drug discovery to scientists around the world. We offer the vast expertise gained from 40 years of producing research products to preclinical researchers through our contract research services, providing comprehensive solutions to accelerate their projects.

Cayman’s core business is built around the production of bioactive lipids, including the manufacture of high-purity lipid standards and assays for their measurement. We lead the industry as a resource for inflammatory lipid mediator research tools pertinent to the study of immune activation and inflammation. This knowledge has fostered the development of products and services to study factors related to innate and adaptive immune responses and to understand infectious diseases, pulmonary diseases, autoimmune diseases, and other inflammatory diseases.

Today, we offer close to 5,000 products relevant to immunology and inflammation research and more than 2,000 products specific to infectious diseases to help facilitate basic understanding and foster new discoveries.

Cayman products are available through our distributing partner Sapphire Bioscience in Australia and New Zealand.

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