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Tuesday September 08, 2020


Introducing the new ASI Career Advancement Awards

Application round:  September 8th - October 5th 2020
for research undertaken in Jan - Dec 2021

Given the challenging times we are in and the limited opportunity for international travel, ASI will be repurposing funds originally committed to the second 2020 round of ITA's and the Gordon Ada Senior Travel Awards.  These new career advancement awards will allow for a broader scope and flexibility to apply for support as needed, similar to the Jared Purton Award.

Application rounds for the following awards are currently open, and close 5th October 2020:

Career Advancement Award - Postgraduate - Tier 1 
Career Advancement Award - Postgraduate - Tier 2
Career Advancement Award - Postdoctoral - TIer 1
Career Advancement Award - Postdoctoral - TIer 2
Career Advancement Award - Gordon Ada 


In response to the current climate, this award has been created in alignment with our society's mission to 'advance the science and education of Immunology'.

The purpose is to recognise and further advance the research of early to mid career researchers.  The use of the prize money is determined by the awardee but must directly support their research, with a focus on career benefit.

For more information such as eligibility criteria and how to apply, please click the green button below.

More info about the ASI Career Advancement Awards


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