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Friday February 16, 2018

Keen to strengthen your Track Record and raise your profile?
Looking to enhance your Editorial Responsibilities?
Ready for an exciting new challenge and experience?
Enjoy networking with other like-minded Immunologists?

Whatever your motivation, Immunology & Cell Biology needs you! Help our flagship journal continue on its successful trajectory by becoming an ICB Special Feature Coordinator.

As an ASI member, this is your opportunity to make an editorial contribution
to one of the oldest specialty Immunology journals in existence.

The Special Features in ICB have become a unique way to comprehensively cover recent developments and changing knowledge in specific areas of Immunology and Cell Biology. These features are brought together by a Special Feature Coordinator, who has expertise in the topic, and are traditionally by invitation only from the Editor-in-Chief. In the past, our Special Features have been hugely popular and have been instrumental in our increasing impact in the field.

The Special Features for 2019 are now being commissioned, and I invite ASI members, who would be interested in coordinating a Special Feature, to submit proposals. Special Feature Coordinators are involved in the peer-review process of the manuscripts and also write the Editorial that accompanies each Special Feature.

The proposal should include the following:

  • A cover letter that includes the description of the overall topic and why it would be of interest to ICB
  • An outline of proposed contributors and their sub-topics (commonly 5 or 6 reviews are included in a Special Feature). Agreement by the contributors does not have to be confirmed at this point although it would strengthen the proposal.
  • A current CV

Submission Process

Please email your proposal by March 31 2018 to Professor Anne La Flamme, Editor-in-Chief, ICB.

Previous topics for Special Features can be viewed here.

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