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Thursday August 06, 2020

Are you interested in receiving a shortlist of quality COVID papers?

Courtesy of Christian Hoffmann & Bernd S. Kamps & DGfI

Dear ASI members,

There is a great resource available called the COVID Reference Top 10 by DGfI member Christian Hoffmann & Bernd S. Kamps.  Hoffman and Kamps have compiled a shortlist of quality COVID-19 papers from the available literature and made it available here (you may wish to bookmark this link).

Instead of visiting the link above, you may prefer to receive a regular email in your inbox.  If you do wish to receive (weekly / fortnightly) emails from ASI with the top 10 papers listed, please:

  1. Log in to your ASI member profile by clicking here
  2. Click on 'Profile'
  3. Click on 'Your details 2'
  4. Indicate 'Infection and Immunity' as a special interest.

By joining the ASI Infection and Immunity SIG list, you will receive regular emails from ASI with the recent papers compiled by Hoffman and Kamps.

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