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Friday February 04, 2022

Major ICB Announcement: Publish open access in ICB for free

What is the Wiley-CAUL agreement?
A new 3-year partnership between Wiley and the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL).

This transformational open access agreement enables eligible researchers in Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to publish open access (OA) in Immunology & Cell Biology (and all of Wiley’s other hybrid journals) at no direct cost to them.

Why is this great news?
You can now publish open access in Immunology & Cell Biology for FREE, if you are affiliated with an eligible institution.

Interested to learn more?

Am I eligible? Find out if your institution will cover your open access APCs.
ASI December 2021 Newsletter - page 29
Wiley Press release
CAUL Agreement FAQs
Kathy Foley, Chief Scientist, National Press Club address
Demonstrating the Advantage of Publishing Open Access With Wiley 

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