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Thursday May 28, 2020

Our new webpage for the general public

It's such a great time to launch our public outreach initiatives, while Immunology has the global spotlight!  We endeavour to increase public access to solid, evidence-based information by creating a new section on our website dedicated to the non-scientific public.

This new page has been created especially for the family and friends of ASI Members and the general non-scientific community who simply enjoy learning more about Immunology, directly from Immunologists. 

What's on the page?

  • "Ask an Immunologist" feature
  • ASI Fireside Chats - free Q&A sessions held online on different topics
  • Public Events listing - direct link
  • New email list for the public to join, if they wish to be notified of public events
  • Day of Immunology event recordings so they can watch and listen to previous events
  • Immunology concepts in short video formats
  • Peter Doherty's weekly column - direct link
  • New ASI LinkedIn page to target a new audience - direct link to this page. as well as our public social media accounts

Check it out now

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