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Friday April 10, 2020

ASI Members now have special access to Digital Resources

Not that you need another reason to be an ASI Member... But, today we launch our new initiative - ASI Digital Resources!

This is the start of a great collection of useful things to know, to survive in scientific research. They have been created by recording some of the postgraduate talks from ASI 2019 Adelaide - so if you missed them, here's your chance to brush up on these skills!

Creating this new ASI initiative would not have been possible without the help of the following ASI 2019 SA Local Organising Committee members:

  • Timona Tyllis, ASI 2019 Postgraduate Symposium Co-organiser
  • James McEvoy, ASI 2019 Postgraduate Symposium Co-organiser
  • Nikki Lansdown, ASI 2019 Postgraduate Symposium Co-organiser
  • Elena Cavallaro, ASI 2019 Postgraduate Symposium Co-organiser
  • Iain Comerford, ASI 2019 Co-Chair
  • Damon Tumes, ASI 2019 Co-Chair

To build this collection over time, we hope to add many more resources in the future so please email us if there's a specific topic you'd like covered, or if you can present on a topic. 

Many thanks to our contributors

We would like to thank the following people for being our first contributors to the ASI Digital Resources:

  • Michelle Head, Wiley, for our 'Publishing and Writing Skills' resource
  • Shaun McColl, University of Adelaide, for our 'Grant-writing Skills' resource
  • Allison Cowin, University of South Australia, for our 'Fellowships' resource

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