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Thursday June 11, 2015

Don’t let your unanswered questions fly away!


Have you ever had a science-related question you’re itching to talk about with your colleagues?

Perhaps something you've read has sparked an opinion you want to share.

We know that feeling, which is why ASI is pleased to announce the launch of its new program “Q & Immunology” – an informal, social media-based discussion aimed to quench your unanswered questions.

The premise is simple. You pose a question, topic or statement, and start an online discussion by engaging with the ASI Facebook or ASI Twitter accounts!

Not a member of Twitter or Facebook or unsure of signing up?

Facebook and Twitter have many advantages (including getting to know ASI members!), but above all, you can control your privacy settings to have it as protected or public as you like! Otherwise, a simple google search of #QImmuno will keep you up to date with the discussion.

Keen to be involved? Look out for further instructions on the ASI Twitter and Facebook accounts and get ready for our very first discussion starting on

Sunday 14th of June


Follow ASI on Twitter and Facebook

Don’t forget to use the ASI Twitter handle (@ASImmunology) on Twitter and the ASI hashtag (#ASImmuno)!

Happy Writing!

Gabi Khoury and Susan Christo

We encourage members to express their ideas and opinions in a constructive and thought-provoking manner. Comments that contain profanity, or insult and attack any participant (indirectly or directly) will NOT be tolerated, and will be removed immediately. Please be considerate of others. This is an opportunity to promote the passion in our work!

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