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Tuesday November 06, 2018

Now there are even more reasons to publish in Clinical and Translational Immunology!

Did you know?

4 Fantastic Reasons to Publish in Clinical and Translational Immunology:

  1. Receive a 20% discount off the cost of publishing in CTI*
  2. Receive an AUD $1000 reimbursement for the cost of publication** OFFER EXTENDED- BE QUICK!
  3. Be in the running for the award of ‘CTI Publication of the Year’, which also includes a speakers slot at the ASI annual meeting*** BRAND NEW IN 2018!
  4. Rapid Review Process: Average Time to First Decision of < 30 days

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts!

Best wishes,

Rajiv Khanna CTI Editor-in-Chief

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*Eligible only to current financial ASI members
**Eligible only to current financial ASI members, who a) have paid their 2018 membership prior to 31st March 2018 and b) submit a primary research paper to CTI as the first or corresponding author between 1st January to 30th November 2018. Please email [email protected] for a Reimbursement Form.
***Awarded to the best publication from a current financial ASI member who is first author

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