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Friday November 20, 2020

Creating our 'Immunology Concepts' page

Science communication has never been more important.  Here at ASI we've seen a dramatic surge of interest from the public in popular immunology topics, as the broader community are seeking easy-to-understand information from reliable organisations such as ASI.

In the public section of our website, we are growing our resources for the non-scientific community who are interested in learning more about Immunology basics. 

ASI Council recently approved the use of 'Special Initiative' funds to build our video resources for non-scientific public audiences.  We will be creating several 2-minute educational videos explaining popular immunology topics of public interest.  

This is great news for the immunologists out there who feel passionately about getting their message out in clear, non-scientific language.

Head to our page by clicking here to view our example on 'The Science of Immunisation'.

View our video example

Your opportunity to direct and produce a video

We are now inviting passionate science communicators to get in touch.

ASI members are invited to drive and 'champion' the production of a video on a key immunological topic of public relevance.  With assistance from ASI General Manager, Tyani, these members would be responsible for writing a brief (5 sentence) storyboard, and liaise with a 3D science animator to produce a scientifically-correct science animation video similar to the above example. 

Producers will be acknowledged in the video credits for their contribution and can use this video in their own portfolios if they wish.

This is a great opportunity for all the budding science communicators out there! 

How to express your interest

  1. After checking your membership eligibility, please email us with your proposed topic.
    We'll be assessing these as we receive them, so please get in contact as soon as possible.


  • Applicants must be current ASI members.  This means if you still haven't renewed for 2020, you can renew up until the 31st December 2020 by logging into your profile, heading to the 'Invoices' tab, and paying your invoice.

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