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Wednesday February 24, 2021

As the pandemic evolved in 2020 we introduced changes to some of the ASI awards to allow for broader scope/  flexibility, including the new Career Advancement Awards scheme as an alternative to the conventional International Travel Awards. In 2021, we will continue with these awards as per 2020. In 2020 we also launched two exciting new ASI awards, the Cheers-Buchan Education Award and Public Engagement Award.

2021 ASI Awards Application Rounds

Please see the 2021 schedule below for each of the award application rounds. We hope this will help your planning of when applications are due.

Further details on the different awards can also be found on the ASI website and in the member portal under Documents --> Policy and Procedures --> ASI awards guidelines for applicants.

  • Career Advancement Awards, round one: March 1st to March 29th
  • Carer Awards - COVID Support, round one: March 1st to March 29th
  • Public Engagement Award: 3rd May to 21st May
  • Education Award: June 7th to July 5th
  • Jared Purton - ASI Award: July 19th to August 16th
  • Career Advancement Awards, round two: August 30th to September 20th
  • Carer Awards - COVID Support, round two:  August 30th to September 20th
  • Margaret Baird Award: October 4th to October 25th

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